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Here are my significant seven, low cost staging tips for every property:

Staged Green Dresser

  1. Stop Traffic
  2. Curb appeal is your home’s first impression! I have driven by more than one home that looked decent online but BAD from the street. Make sure your lawn is mowed, sidewalk swept, snow removed, and toys picked up. Neatly tuck garbage cans out of first sight and remove dirt and spider webs from the home’s exterior. Consider buying or planting in bloom flowers. Pre-potted planters are a quick and convenient option.
  3. Let there be Light
  4. Light and airy homes are welcoming and attractive...dark and dingy, not so much. Clean the windows, open curtains, add lamps and keep them on during showings. You really can not have too much light. Also if redecorating, plan on light paint, light furniture and light, bright accessories.
  5. Let it be clean and fresh
  6. Having a clean home is SO important to buyers. While living in a perfectly spotless home is not reality for our daily lives, it makes an incredible difference in the value of a home. Besides making it more welcoming, it shows that the home has been cared for over the years. When buyers see layers of dust and grime they start imaging all the other parts of the house that must also be neglected. Open those windows for fresh air and be especially cautious of lingering pet odors. Consider removing old carpeting. If this seems too daunting, hire professionals to clean and then take a half hour or so each day to maintain while on the market. It will be well worth the investment.
  7. Tackle that to–do list
  8. All those little projects that you have been putting off since forever? It is time. Patch those nail holes, tighten the cabinet knobs, replace light bulbs because all the not-quite-right things you have learned to ignore are not OK when buyers are checking out your property. Hire a handyman for the projects you don’t know how to do or just don’t have time for. Search online or ask trusted friends who they would recommend. It will be exciting how many small projects can be quickly checked off your list...again SO worth your investment.
  9. Depersonalize
  10. It is fun to personalize our space, but when we are trying to sell it can shatter your chance of a sale. When staging you need to appeal to the general likes and emotions of your homes target market. The idea is to make them feel comfortable and picture themselves living in your house. Your personal photos and momentos will do just the opposite. Also keep in mind that you do not want to turn off potential buyers with objects that could be offensive or evoke negative emotions.
  11. Declutter
  12. Time to start packing! Clutter is extremely distracting from the home itself. It makes the home feel cramped and buyers will assume there is a lack of storage. And storage sells! So clear out closets and cabinets to highlight the space your home has. This includes basements and garages. It is always a good idea to rent offsite storage when your home is on the market and then recycle, give-away, donate and/or sell unwanted things. Bonus-this step gets you ready to move (with less stuff!) and helps you start off uncluttered in your new home.
  13. Fresh Flowers
  14. For an inexpensive touch with major impact: real flowers. Live house plants and even simple bud vases work. Kitchen, bathroom, bedside - done!